Our Team

Dr. Anthony Lightfoot
Dr. Anthony Lightfoot, Founder/CEO
"He is able!"
Candace Lightfoot
Candace D. Lightfoot, President/CIO
"All things work together for the good!"

Reverend Dr. Anthony Lightfoot, DoD, PhD - Founder/CEO

It is a privilege to serve you, and I give God all the honor, glory and praise for all that I am and who I hope to become. 25 years ago (December 13, 1994) I was strung out on crack cocaine, nicotine, PCP, Cannabis and alcohol. Yet, God sees the best in us and He sees us for who we are not for what we have done. He delivered me totally and I do not suffer with that incomprehensible demoralization any longer. By His Grace, He has brought me a mighty long way, and it is my prayer that what He has done in and through my life can give someone hope, optimism and expectation for theirs. Because, if you without any reservations(s) can turn your will and your life over to the care of God (El-Shaddai – The Almighty), He can and will deliver you too!


Candace D. Lightfoot, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach - President/CIO

Victorious over various abuse, depression and health issues, I have a mandate from God to testify of His power to transform lives! My ministry is one of love, deliverance and empowerment, and my message is to embrace the Word and walk in the abundant life of purpose and joy through Christ.