Not Just Recovered, but Delivered II

This book is suggested to be a manual for any individual who is hurting, has a habit or any hang-up. You may wonder why He is allowing you to go through this situation or circumstance (because it does not feel good). I know that you have imagined your life to be different than what it is, and truthfully you believe that God does not really even care. But I want you to know that He actually put you in that situation or circumstance because He wants other individuals to know who may be going through the same issues or problems that you are that He can and He definitely will deliver. For He is still God – no matter what!!! Just know as Marvin Winans sings “He has His hands on you.” All you have to do is give Him the praise for your deliverance right now. Never – ever give up and let Him have His way!!!

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A Parallel of Words

My view of reasoning for writing this book is contained within the understanding that all truth is parallel. As we of Alcoholics/Cocaine/Narcotics Anonymous know the words in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous should be adhered to as a sign on the train track. For if not, when the train comes you best believe that you would have heeded the ominous warning. Therefore, here is an ominous warning: First of all, God is not religion; God is spirituality/relationship. And the messages that are written within the Bible/Big Book are from God. For as we all can know and understand each denotation and connotation that comes from man can be paralleled with another reasoning. This means that even though each field of study has unique and separate words, terms and phrases they can be if studied and looked at closely (i.e. examined) coupled with another field of study. Therefore, these specialized words, terms and phrases can be taken together as a context of the whole if applied rightly (“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God [by studying], a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth (II Timothy 2:15). As we understand this we know that studying or learning the Bible is very important for it is our “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth” With that said, when we deal with the King James Version or the New King James Version as utilized in these pages we need to recognize that these pages are not accurately inspired by God Himself, however, it is offered to Him to give Him glory so it is employed in the greatest manner.

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