Hello my name is Dr. Anthony Lightfoot and a few individuals would express that to see me walking and talking is a complete miracle of the master. For from birth I have had complications living be it physically, financially, emotionally or spiritually. However, all praises be to Him who created me. For the reason that, I believe that He not only allowed, controlled and organized my tests, trials and tribulations to come into my life (cf. James 1:1-12) but He also authorized, justified and reconciled me to come to Him on the date of December 13, 1994.

I know that it was Him because even He says in His Word that “no man can come to the Father unless He draws him or her to Him” (cf. John 6:44). This website that you are now viewing is a production tool of the actual treatment facility that the Lord set in my spirit on the above date. For prior to that for five years I lived in the insanity or demise of doing all kinds of illegal atrocities including smoking crack, phencyclidine (PCP), marijuana, and drinking untold amounts of alcohol. However, on the date of my arrest by the Holy Spirit, He cleaned me up and turned me around. I like to say that He set my feet on a solid ground. And that’s why I praise Him for what He has done, what He is doing and yes what I believe so affirmatively what He is going to do.

I mean I was in my insidious behavior. I went to prison twice, have been homeless and have had other events to happen in my life that I am not at all proud of. But I am here to tell you that “He looked beyond my faults and seen my need.” Don’t you dare get me started because I will praise Him all night thinking of the goodness of Jesus. For my soul cries out hallelujah, thank God for saving me.

In conclusion, you there reading my biography may be going through something right now and you just cannot see your way clear. Well call on Him who allowed you to go through it because when you do He will always make a way of escape (cf. I Corinthians 10:13). Yes, I dare you to try Him. I am a witness that He will prove Himself faithful, wise and strong.

Anthony Lightfoot, MA, DOD

1765 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90035 • alightfoot777@gmail.com or dits9800@yahoo.com


I received my calling to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and this was where I was totally delivered from the use of Alcohol, PCP, Cocaine and Cannabis.  Since 1994, I have served as a Minister of Evangelization in a Baptist and currently in a Foursquare organization but currently I have relocated to Los Angeles, Ca where I am an associate minister of New Prospect Baptist Church. I have been working on the vision that God has given to me to help those with any hurt, habit or hang-up.  This included working (517 Clinical hours) at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center in Anaheim, CA as a Substance Abuse Counselor intern. I have also published three inspirational books entitled “Not Just Recovered But Delivered I & II, and A Parallel of Words” to help those with their addiction.

Qualifications Summary

Marriage and Family Therapist and Case Manager Professional; experience working in fast-paced environment demanding strong organizational, technical, and interpersonal skills. Trustworthy, ethical, and discreet; committed to superior customer service as well as helping families and individuals to better themselves. Confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels with nonjudgmental attitude. Detail-oriented and resourceful in completing projects and documentation; able to multi-task effectively. Capabilities include:

– Substance Abuse Counseling                   – Case Management                         – Problem Solving

– Word Processing & Typing                     – Group Home Facilitator               – Counseling

– Computer Operations                              – Management                                  – Supporting and Advocating

Experience Highlights

Case Management /Substance Abuse Counseling

  • Offered counseling to people in crisis.
  • Schedule conferences with the individuals and their families.
  • Assist individuals in solving their problems by discussing and planning activities.
  • Maintain all files and records of clients.
  • Help people cope with their drug or alcohol disorder.
  • Counsel those that are addicted to drugs in order to help them identify the reasons for their addiction and to overcome the problems related to the addiction.
  • Facilitate programs meant to help prevent addiction in the first places.
  • Hold sessions for individuals, groups, and families.
  • Offer individuals different skills to deal with stress, decision making, communication and anger management. 

 Group Home Facilitator

  • Provided educational training for the body, mind and the spirit.
  • Provided educational services for youth who have failed or been removed from the public school classroom or who demonstrate learning and behavior disorders which cannot be addressed in a regular educational setting.
  • Provided intensive community based treatment, six days per week during high – risk evening and weekend hours. Provided 24 hour wake supervision to 30 male residents ranging in age from 12 to 17”A years old.
  • Provided treatment and a therapeutic environment for children when conflict exceeded normal levels in the home. Moreover, a special emphasis was put on healing the relationship between the client and his/her natural parents.
  • Provided a range of services such as assessments, diagnosis, testing, and family counseling to those youths and family members who had abuse patterns.


Employment History

WRITER/AUTHOR, Authorhouse, Bloomington, In (January 2006-Present)

FACILITATOR, Mental Health America, Lancaster, CA (November 2011-August 2012)

DRUG ABUSE COUNSELOR, Salvation Army Rehabilitation, Anaheim, CA (June 2005-June 2006)

SECURITY OFFICER, Allied Barton Security Services, Orange County, CA (January 2005-June 2005)

STUDENT WORKER, Hope International University, Fullerton, CA (January 2004-June 2004)

GROUP FACILITATOR, United Community Action Network, Lancaster, CA (January 1999-December 1999)


Education/Training & Certification

Word of God International University Los Angeles, Ca (6/2017-Present)

Doctorate in Theology/Business Administration

Summit Bible College, Bakersfield, Ca (01/2008-01/2009)

Doctorate in Divinity

Hope International University, Fullerton, CA (01/2000 – 06/2006)

Masters of Arts in Psychology

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology



Licensed Elder at the City of Refuge, Gardena, Ca
Bishop Noel Jones
(310) 516-1433

Licensed Minister from Southwest Baptist Church
Pastor Edwin L. Williams
(323) 757-8460

Guard Card Training Center
(888) 355-1415



Dr. Betty Williams
City of Refuge Church

Elder Steve Dunn
City of Refuge Church

Elder Gretchen Washington
City of Refuge Church

Elder Helen Taylor
City of Refuge Church

Elder Jason Malveaux
City of Refuge Church

Elder Rene Whitehead
City of Refuge Church

Elder Tena Le Flore
City of Refuge Church


Business Owner(s) Name(s):

  1. Dr. Anthony Lightfoot

Company Name: Divine Intervention Treatment Solutions

Type of Business Organization: Rehabilitation/Housing for homeless & the mentally challenged

Address: 1765 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca 90035


Fax: TBD

Email: dits9800@yahoo.com

Website: Treatmentisdivine.org

Briefly describe your business:

In accordance with the requirements of the state of California, based upon my degree of Psychology and Business Administration/Marketing, we intend to offer a new approach to treatment that will affect Los Angeles (e.g. Divine Intervention Treatment Solutions).  Divine Intervention Treatment Solutions is a multidisciplinary behavioral health care practice that offers mental health and substance abuse services to the community of Los Angeles. Our focus is to provide cost-effective, quality treatment for any hurt, habit or hang-up(s). Our mission is to show the way to effective living through servant-hood.  We do this to create, promote, and maintain a positive customer relationship with our participants in Los Angeles investors, associates and staff, and our community. The market for behavioral health services is healthy, as will be shown by the growth the existing Center has experienced during the past two and a half years. California has recently passed a mental health parity bill that will become effective in month one. The bill requires insurance companies to develop benefits for biologically based behavioral health disorders similar to those provided for health disorders. This should help sustain the anticipated projected growth. Currently, the Outpatient Psychiatric Center is referring approximately four phone calls a day to other providers.

List your company’s products and services:

Products: Educational materials (e.g. books, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets and computers)

Services: Counseling & housing

Describe your target market:

Anyone who expresses a need to exit the demise of hurts, habits or hang-ups that are not contingent with normal healthy ways of living.

Describe why someone would buy your products and/or services:

Because in each in every individual there is a desire to have a life that is conducive to normal healthy ways of living.

Describe your company’s location:


List your primary suppliers:

Clients/participants supplied by 211 helpline, Churches, Shelters, Parole and probation officers, DPSS/DCFS, Police/Courts, Neighborhood watch, Anonymous meetings, Urgent care clinics.