I, Rev. Anthony Lightfoot DOD, am very privileged to be the author of these manuscripts. Let me first of all say that the reason that I input my title of who I am is not so much to have you to praise me for my accomplishments but to let you know most definitely that God (Elohim – Father, Son & Holy Spirit) gets all of the glory honor and the praise for assisting me with everything that I am and who I hope to become. You see twenty-two years ago (December 13, 1994) I was strung out on Crack Cocaine, Nicotine, Phencyclidine (PCP), Cannabis (weed), and Alcohol but “He saw the best in me” and every since “He sees me for who I am” not for what I have done. He delivered me totally and I do not suffer with that incomprehensible demoralization any longer. This is why I insert this information so that I can give someone hope, optimism and expectation. For the reason that, if you without any reservation(s) can turn your will and life over to the care of God (El Shaddai – Almighty) He can and will deliver you too. He is like Coca-Cola “the real thing.”